Welcome to the home of Pipe Dream Farms.  Don’t laugh too hard at the name of the farm:  I always from the time of growing up around horses had a vision of owning a horse farm.  I called it a “pipe dream”.  Hence the name….

I was able to realize my dream and purchase a farm in the early 1980s in Findlay Ohio.   Established as a riding school and boarding barn, Pipe Dream Farms transformed into a warmblood breeding farm, complete with Dutch Warmblood stallion.   Several moves and a family resulted in the farm being moved into my filing cabinet as pictures and wonderful memories.  Having found, once my children were in high school / college,  that I cannot be completely happy without a horse” fix”, I have in recent years acquired a few horses here and there.  As often happens, the “few” have morphed into a small herd.  Since I began taking driving lessons in 2001 I have decided to concentrate my attention there, specifically with the wonderful New Forest breed and some other sport ponies..

In 2010 and 2011, I will be phasing out my Andalusians to enable more time for the ponies.  I have a very nice group of horses for sale, and will list horses or ponies for friends on occasion.  Please enjoy the web site.

Pauline F. Hixson, M.D.
132 Woodburn Place
Advance, NC  27006


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